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All events held at the Architecture Building – 3835 Campus Drive, College Park MD

(at the intersection of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane)


Thursday, May 24:


ROOM  ARC 204     

Innovation and Tradition: The Transformation of the Building Process in the Early Chesapeake  

Carl Lounsbury        

Adjunct Associate Professor, William and Mary College


2:00 - 4:00PM  PAPER SESSIONS:

Track 1. Construction Education and Theory

ROOM S ARC 1101     

When Construction History is Construction Theory - Jean Baptiste Rondelet and the Origins of Architectural Science by Dr. Franca Trubiano, University of Pennsylvania

The Construction History through Mexican Periodicals and Journals in the first half of the 20th Century by Abe Yillah Román Alvarado, PhD, National Autonomous University of Mexico

 Tuskegee University’s Role in Construction Education History as the Oldest US Construction Baccalaureate by Rogers Hunt III, Tuskegee University; Joel Wao, Tuskegee University; Kimberly Bivins, Tuskegee University

A Preservationist Perspective on Construction Detailing by Joseph Caputo, AIA, SPRAT Level 1


Track 2. Fabrication and Use of Materials

ROOM GARC 1103    

Roanoid Plastics as a Symbol of Luxury and Modernity on the Queen Mary by Nicole Nietzel

History of the Use of Terra Cotta in Buildings by Ed Gerns, Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc. Rachel Will;  Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc.

History of the Use of Copper in Buildings by Ed Gerns, Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc.; Rachel Will;  Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc.

The Rise and Fall of Lake Superior Sandstone;Ed Gerns, Principal, Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc., Rachel Will;  Senior Associate, Wiss, Janney, Elstner, Associates, Inc.



100 Years:  Building on Experience

Introduction:  Brian Turmail, Vice President of Public Affairs & Strategic Initiatives, AGC    


Kenneth D. Durr, Vice President, History Services, History Associates

Sara E. Wermiel, Independent Scholar, Boston University

Scott Lewis, Associate Editor, Engineering News Record

William E. Reifsteck II, Director of Preconstruction Services, Prowest     Constructors


6:30 - 7:30PM  RECEPTION

ROOM  ARC 1111

Sponsored by Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)


Friday May 25:




Track 3. Materials and Methods in the United States:  Nineteenth Century

ROOM ARC 1101     

Century-Old Industry in Indiana: Brick Manufacture in Periodic (Beehive) Kilns by Cynthia Brubaker, Preservation Developer

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church: an Emancipation Era Example of Institutional Single-Wall Construction by Michael O’Brien, Texas A&M University; Andrew Billingsly, Texas A&M Center for Heritage Conservation

Understanding the Skeleton – The Interior of 19th Century Pegasus Sculptures by Kate Cowing, AIA, Materials Conservation Co., LLC


Track 4. Bridge and Vault Construction

ROOM ARC 1103     

Le Pont de  Bercy:  A Bridge in Three Acts by Andréa Livi Smith, PhD, University of Mary Washington

A Critical Review of the Construction Masonry Techniques of the Historical Los Esclavos Bridge in Guatemala by Sandra Hernandez, Texas A&M University; Ahmed K. Ali, Texas A&M University

Gaussian Vault Construction in Eladio Dieste’s Work During the Civico-Military Dictatorship in Uruguay by Frederico Garcia Lammers, Assoc. AIA, South Dakota State University


Track 5. Construction of American Landscape Environments and Infrastructure

ROOM ARC 1105     

From “A Giant and Intolerable Nuisance” to the Tidal Basin: The Reclamation of the Potomac Flats by Justine Christianson, National Park Service 

Absolutely Unique in its Scope:  The Metropolitan Boston Water Works Dry-plate Photographs by Dennis J. De Witt, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum


Track 6. Construction of American Landscape Environments and Infrastructure

ROOM ARC 1101     

The Birmingham   Alabama Builders Strike of 1970 by Lauren Redden, MBC, Auburn University , Dr. Richard Burt, MRICS, Auburn University, Daniel O’Hara, MBC, Auburn University

Underpinning, Shoring, and Earth Retention Development during the late 19th and into the 21st Century by Marvin Levine, Levine Companies

 Historic Lighting Design at Washington Union Station: D.H. Burnham & Company’s Challenges and Creative Solutions by Kevin Wohlgemuth, Building Conservation Associates, Inc. and Michele Boyd, Building Conservation Associates, Inc



Track 7. Management of Institutional Construction

ROOM ARC 1103     

Documenting Depression-Era Construction: The University of Virginia’s PWA Era Buildings by Benjamin Hays, University of Virginia

The Superintendent’s Annual Report: Chronicling the Construction of America’s Mental Asylums by Priya Jain, AIA,  Texas A&M University

 Maintenance Regimes in Nineteenth-Century Richmond, Virginia by Elizabeth Cook, College of William and Mary

 Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of the Model School Houses in DC by Nathan Hicks, Silman


Track 8. Vernacular Construction Techniques in the Americas

ROOM ARC 1105     C

La Casa Maya:  The Origins, Adaptation and Resilience through Time of a Vernacular Shelter of Yucatan by E. Logan Wagner PhD, AIA, Alarife, pllc

Bousillage: (Re)constructing Something from Nothing by Hallie J. Borstel, MPS, Independent Scholar

 Strategies of Containing:  Fire Prevention, Construction Systems, and Labor across the Early Nineteenth-Century British Atlantic by Jonah Rowen, Columbia University

A Peculiar Construction of Galvanized Iron:  The Savannah Custom House Folded Plate Iron Roof by Dennis J. De Witt, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum


1:00-7:00PM  TOURS:

Washington National Cathedral Behind-the-Scenes

Historic Lighting Design at Union Station

Rich History of General Montgomery C. Meigs Work at Arlington


Saturday May 26:


7:00-8:00AM  MEETING

CHSA Management Committee Meeting



8:00-9:00AM  MEETING

CHSA Members Meeting  (all are invited!)




ROOM  ARC 204     

Ars sine scientia nihil est’ and other Delusions of the Second Millennium

Thomas E. Boothby    

Professor, Architectural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


10:30-12:30PM  PAPER SESSIONS:

Track 9. Prefabrication in Mid-Twentieth Century America

ROOM ARC 1101     

The Decorative Modernism of Aluminum Cladding by Tait Johnson, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Louis Kahn’s Integrated Residential Window Panel System by Clifton Fordham, Temple University

 A History of the Production and Use of Architectural Precast Wall Panels in Mid-Twentieth Century Architecture by Grace Meloy, Engineer, Silman

War & Peace: Victor Lundy, Walter Bird, and the Promise of Pneumatic Architecture by Whitney Moon, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Track 10. Houses and Housing in the United States

ROOM ARC 1103    

Prefabrication on Trial: Gunnison Homes and the Fight for Building Code Reform  by Marisa Gomez Nordyke, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Demonstration Houses: Developments in Residential Construction Technologies 1930-1950 by John A. Burns, National Park Service

 The Stone Houses of Delaware's Piedmont Region, 1750 - 1940 by Catherine Morrissey, Assistant Director, Center for Historic Architecture and Design and Rebecca J. Sheppard, Retired Assistant Professor, University of Delaware





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